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Whether it's your first purchase or you are a seasoned buyer, using a mortgage counsellor is the only way to go when looking for a mortgage.
Some of the advantages of dealing with me at Mortgage Alliance are:
  • Unbiased Advice - I don't work for a bank, I work for YOU!
  • More Choices - I am able to access virtually every major lender in Canada, giving you the opportunity to get a mortgage more customized to your needs
  • Best-Available Rates - Every lender I deal with gives me their best rates up-front, if they aren't good enough, I go to another lender
  • Specialized Knowledge - I only do mortgages, so I have the thorough understanding of mortgages, and can explain every detail to you
  • Established lenders - I only deal with reputable, known lenders
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me anytime.

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